Marley Anglia Interlocking Roof Tile

Marley Anglia Interlocking Roof Tile


A single-lap interlocking concrete tile with the classic clay pantiles profile and bullnosed leading edge design.

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Size of Tile 387mm x230mm
Minimum Pitch 30° Smooth (75mm headlap)
30° Granular (75mm headlap)
25° Smooth (100mm headlap)
Maximum Pitch 90°
Minimum Headlap 75mm
Maximum Gauge 312mm
Cover Width 204mm (nominal)
Covering Capacity 15.7 tiles /m² at 75mm headlap
17.1 tiles /m² at 100mm headlap
Weight of Tiling 47kg/m² (0.46 Kn/m²) at 75mm headlap
51kg/m² (0.50 Kn/m²) at 100mm headlap
Battens Required 3.2 lin.m/m² at 75mm headlap
3.5 lin.m/m² at 100mm headlap
Batten Size Recommended 38 x25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 450mm centres
50x25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres
Tile Nails 38.33 x 3.35mm
Hanging length 370mm (nominal)

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Antique Brown, Old English Dark Red, Smooth Grey


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